St. Monica School Dads’ Club Hall of Fame

Over our 25-year history we have watched fathers serve the Community of St. Monica selflessly and with no need of praise or recognition. While every active member of the Dads’ Club plays a very important role there have been those whose service rise above all others. We are pleased to announce the formation of the St. Monica School Dads’ Club Hall of Fame; the purpose being to recognize publicly and show gratitude those individuals that have continually gone above and beyond in providing to our school; an institution that continues to be among the premier Parochial Schools in the DFW area.

Selection Requirements and Timing:

  • Application for election must be turned into the serving secretary of the Dads’ Club (referred to DC) Board by the date determined by that years’
  • Applications will be available on the Dads’ Club website or by contacting any current serving member of the DC board.
  • Applications will be reviewed and discussed by the board until the end of month in which they are due (same school year).


  • The new inductees will be chosen by all members of the current DC board and at least 5 past
  • Voting will be done by closed ballot and administered by the current secretary of the DC
  • The candidates who receive the greatest number of votes will be

Number of Inductees:

  • Each year there will be 2 inductees in the St. Monica School Dads’ Club Hall of
  • There will be a “ramp up” period for the next three years regarding the number of inductees:
    • Class of 2018 – 7
    • Class of 2019 – 5
    • Class of 2020 – 3
    • Class of 2021 and beyond – 2

Benefits of Hall of Fame Membership:

  • Personalized DC HOF Blazer to be presented at presentation of new
  • A donation to St. Monica School from the Dads’ Club in the name of inductee to the program of his choice.
  • A plaque will be made and hung in McManus Hall commemorating the St. Monica School Dads’ Club Hall of Fame and each inductee will have their name added to the

Presentation of new inductees:

  • The presentation of new inductees in the Hall of Fame will take place at the Dads’ Club Gala each
  • Each inductee will have a brief list of accomplishments read and have the opportunity for brief comment and thanks on



Download nomination / application form here:

SMS Dads’ Club HOF Application