About Us

Our Mission

Each year St. Monica Dads’ Club elects a new board to lead the charge for fundraising, sweat equity and many other events that support the community and school. It’s always a lively group driven by solidarity, sarcasm, and relentless dedication SMS Dads’ Club.

Financial Support65%
Sweat Equity35%

The 2019/20 Board

Russ Oonk | President

Russ is a 6 year Dads’ Club veteran, He is one of the coaches for the SMS girls basketball, volleyball, and softball teams. He has served as VP, Gala Chair, Gala Sponsorship Chair, and was the Golf Tournament Chair for 2 years. In his abundant free time he also volunteers with Veterans organizations, golfs, roots for the ASU Sun Devils (fork em) and runs an aviation company.

Shelby Williamson | Vice President

Bio Coming Soon!

Alan Mathis | Treasurer

Alan has been a member of the Dads’ Club for 8 years.  He’s a proud dad of twin 8th grade boys  He has served as the PTO Treasurer, Gala Raffle Chair,  member of the SMS Dad’s band OKOLB and a Pastafarian.  Alan is the head coach of the SMS Cross Country team and  has also assisted with the SMS Baseball teams over the years.  Alan is a proud Texas Tech Red Raider and has had a 15 year career in finance for Bank of America.

Vaughn Hester | Sergeant at Arms

Mr. Hester is from long standing Catholic lineage. His family has been part of the St. Monica community for 9 years and has been involved in the Dad’s Club for 8 years. He has volunteered and contributed manpower, time and finances to a number of activities including Gala. Mr. Hester has been a coach for various sports. Mr. Hester is a partner in an International Finance Firm.

Brian Jacot | Secretary

Brian has been a member of the Dads’ Club for 4 years.  He has served as Raffle Chair, Pot of Gold Chair, and lead Pastafarian.  Brian also coaches T-ball and soccer. When he’s not filling everyone’s spam folders and Facebook feeds he keeps busy with his three daughters. Brian is a proud Army Veteran, Indiana Hoosier, Eagle Scout, and avid cigar and whiskey connoisseur.

Aaron Peterson | Deputy Treasurer

Aaron has been a member of the St. Monica community for 4 years.  With his wife, he has been an active member of the community; serving as the soccer coach and volunteering to support the many activities and fundraisers that assist our school.  Aaron is a dedicated dad and husband to his two beautiful daughters and wife.  Family is the most important thing to him and he demonstrates that through his commitment to the school and community that is growing his girls in faith and spirit.