NOWF: Caddyshack


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Members of Bushwood Country Club cordially invite you to a new member social. Dress as your favorite Caddyshack character  or in your best golf attire. Join our Caddyshack themed party at the Club (aka – Complete Landsculpture).

When:  9/29/2018

Cost:    $100 Per Person

Hosts:  Karla Armendariz & Ricardo Galindo, Monica & Ricardo Barrenechea, Shona & Dave Bell, Yvette & Al Fisher, Jamie & Baird Garrott, Avery & John Hoenig, Leanne & Blair Horler, Cindy & Hung Nguyen, Martha & Chris Kosel, Claudia & Kurt Mathison, Honelynn & Patrick Parker, Meredith & Adam Phillips, Maria & RJ Ravanzo, Jenn & Adam Reed, Reggie & Tony Rivera, Amanda & David Schnetzer, Seefeldt-Tavares, Jacqueline & Chris Strempek, Michelle & Eddy Vadia.


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