About Us

Our Mission

Each year St. Monica Dads’ Club elects a new board to lead the charge for fundraising, sweat equity and many other events that support the community and school. It’s always a lively group driven by solidarity, sarcasm, and relentless dedication SMS Dads’ Club.

Financial Support65%
Sweat Equity35%

The 2017/18 Board

Jacob Cervantes | President

Our fearless leader who has a thing for wearing “jorts”. A 5 plus year St. Monica School veteran, Jacob has developed the elusive skill of teleporting. He is so good, that he can volunteer at all of the SMS events all at the same time while attending Night Out with Friends parties and recruiting Dads for the next trip to the Velvet Elvis for “a special meeting”. Jacob loves the Fighting Irish and can often be seen dressed in green from head to toe. He even has special Notre Dame socks.

Pat Elko | Vice President

Pat is a 7 year veteran to SMS. He’s dedicated, detailed and strategic so you better have your mess together if you ever volunteer with him. Keep a look out for him at carpool. He is the guy often dressed up and promoting the latest fundraiser event for the school. He takes “going all in” to a whole new level….with everything. I think he studied method acting with Daniel Day-Lewis back in the day.

Jim Buckley | Treasurer

17 Year St. Monica School Dad, Jim knows his way around Dads’ Club. And he’s from Philly so we give him a hard time as much as we possibly can. We encourage new Dads to do the same. Loyal to St. Monica Catholic School, he’s the man for the job when it comes to being generous and telling stories at Dads’ Club Meetings. Let’s just say Jim doesn’t know how to “drop the mic”. Jim is thorough, detailed and gets the job done with high marks.  I hear he’s applying to be the new Peruna handler at SMU football games in his spare time.

Tobias Fulton| Sergeant at Arms

Tobias is a Houston Texan’s fan…but his business is called Cowboy Toyota? What? In a sea of Cowboy fan’s, Tobias is a dedicated 10 year veteran Dad of St. Monica School. He’s business savvy and is always willing to help no matter what. He knows how to get things done with both leadership poise and a dash of “hurry up offense” when it comes to meetings. Tobias is quick but effective and he get’s the job done Texas style. Go Cowboys Tobias…Go Cowboys.

Jeremy Roden| Secretary

Digital media extraordinaire,  Jeremy has left his fellow board members utterly baffled. He speaks (and writes!) in COMPLETE sentences. His ideas reflect a keen intellect and lack the normal alcohol-infused murkiness. He volunteers for projects and accepts assignments without complaint or sarcasm and they actually get completed correctly and on time. The best idea that one board member could conjure was that we had been invaded by space aliens until one of our brighter lights noted the low likelihood that an advanced race from the far reaches of the galaxy would choose to infiltrate the Dads’ Club. Fortunately, Jeremy has only been a member of the club for four years which allows him plenty of time to revert to the mean.